Since giving birth to my daughter in May, I have been a frequent visitor to aisle six….the naughty aisle.

I’ll have that, and that, and that and so on! In the cart the treats went. I couldn’t help myself and would eat it all in a short time span. There was limited thoughts of saving some for tomorrow…. my logic was ‘it’s the same amount of calories, doesn’t matter If I eat it all now or save some for five hours from now’.

The problem??

I’d get more the next time I went.

The thought of a fruit and nut cadbury chocolate bar makes my mouth water, but I haven’t had one since I started this blog 🙂

I would eat my treats and deliciousness with pure joy.  My joy-o-metre was at an all time high whilst eating my treats. No guilt in sight. I am breastfeeding, I need it!

The other day at work, however, there was a box of chocolates in the lunch room. I helped myself…. a couple times…. they were just little!

The difference this time was I felt SO much guilt. Before. During AND After. It caught me by surprise but I knew it was a good thing. My bid to eat less treats was working. My conscience knew that it was not a weekend and I agreed to be good during the week as I ease into this.

Im back at work tomorrow, let’s hope my conscience slaps me on the wrist before I reach for the chocolate!

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