Last week I notified my fiance that I have started writing a blog. Until that point, there was only one other person who knew about my blog. At this point I am writing for me, so I havent made a big fuss about it on social media.There might be a point when that changes, but for now im not fussed if im the only one who reads it.

I didn’t give him the link to it but did read him one of the posts. He then asked me one simple question “are you proud of your body?

My initial reply was “not really”

For him, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To this day he is amazed at how I grew and birthed a (healthy,happy) child. He often says he still can’t believe it. He said he’s proud of my body for creating our daughter and that the end result is worth it.

Maybe easier for him to say cause it’s not his body, but I know he meant what he said.

This morning I came across this quote and it sparked some thoughts in my head.

“For the stretch marks you wish you didnt have, there is a woman wishing she had one

We weren’t trying to have a baby, it just happened and we felt so blessed that we didn’t spend months trying or spend our pay checks on infertility testing.

We are lucky.

Not everyone who wishes to become a mother or father is so lucky, I must remember this when I look in the mirror.

So this morning, I have decided to be proud of my body for what it accomplished. I was given a gift not everyone will receive.

I do,however, still owe it to my health to persevere in this journey. To continue to make smart choices and be active.

I grew her with the best intentions and now I need to model good health to her as she grows up!

I am proud of my body, it made an amazing gift!


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