Candid Reality

Hold the camera nice and high, tilt your head to the side, lips out, cheeks in and SNAP!     Snap,snap,snap,snap,snap,snap…got it! The perfect selfie. God I look good… and post.

like,like,like,love,love,like,love,like,like,love,love,love. (Inner self is beaming)

Anyone else out there who can relate to the warm and fuzzy feeling as you watch your perfectly angled selfie love take off like a rocket ship? It feels so nice to be loved, to get compliments about our skin and hair and make up and the outfit.

I’m not a big selfie taker, to be honest. But I was at a hens party a few weeks ago and thought I would send a pic to my fiancé of me all done up! I followed the above script, and had a gooder to send to him quite quickly. His response was the warm fuzzies kind and exactly what I was hoping for.

The next day in a private Facebook group, photos of the night and day were shared. You know, the candid ones,where we look ‘natural’

As I scrolled through them, I cringed. My double chins, my big arms, my post baby belly. It was all there in still form. Is that what I really look like? Hmmm, seems a bit different than the photo I sent to my fiancé?!

Social media doesn’t help, either. My Instagram is filled with selfies…filtered, altered, posed, selfies. I would love to make a notion to post the first picture I take, but I’m not sure many would actually get posted!

A few posts ago I wrote about loving my body and it was very evident by my reaction, that I’m not there yet. Not.even.close. This is a hard one for me. I’m going to need more time.

Im allowed more time, so I think I will take it.



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